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Welcome to Gastvrijaanzee.nl!

Are you looking for a wonderful place to celebrate your holiday? Then look no further! Here you will find a composition of the nicest houses along the coast in De Egmonden, Castricum and Noordwijk. We offer it all. We know all houses personally and have close contact with the owners. Every holiday home has its charm, quirks and a great location. Click on the left column for the desired destination.

Have you been able to make a reservation?

Then you will receive a nice welcome gift from us on arrival! A bag with nice local products and invitations for activities, tips and offers to use in the area!

To celebrate something extra?

We would like to think along with you for this special event. After all, we know the environment and can provide you with tips and maybe even organize something. Please give this to the reservation or mail to: info@gastvrijaanzee.nl.

Have a lot of fun with holidays.
Sunny greetings from team Gastvrij aan Zee

- Jacco & Ellen


Deze accommodatie is landelijk gelegen op de grens Friesland en Groningen. Achter het pand loopt het riviertje de Lauwers waar men aan de steiger optimaal kan genieten van het rustige…

Fietsen en wandelen in de gemeente Bergen!

Fietsen en wandelen in de gemeente Bergen! Bergen, Bergen aan Zee, de Egmonden, Schoorl, Groet, Hargen aan Zee, Camperduin.. Ontdek fietsend of wandelend de prachtige natuur en gezellige dorpen in…

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